Written by Sean on May 6th 2018
Growing Amazon PPC sales from $17,935.04 with a 41.7% ACoS to $124,595.33 with a 20.21% ACoS took our scaling abilities to the limits and here's how we achieved these results.
Written by Sean on May 6th 2018
“RC fishing” is 1 of the easiest AMS strategies we’ve used to deliver consistently low ACOS campaigns driving anywhere between $250 - $5,000 / month for our clients. This strategy takes 10 minutes to setup and only 20-30 minutes per month management so you have no excuses not to set this up immediately after finishing this article

Have you ever seen a big competitor ad just dangling below your buy box tempting shoppers to leave your listing page and look at your competitor? 

Well these ads are called product display ads and if your not running these ads you better start because most sellers on Amazon don’t use these ads, which means the aCPC in most categories is still extremely low.
Written by Sean on May 6th 2018
Amazon PPC is tricky. You don’t want to spend too much because you don’t want a huge ACoS that breaks the bank and you don’t want to spend too little because you won’t receive any impressions, clicks, sales, or the organic boost PPC can bring for keywords.

This is where keyword research enters the picture. In a nutshell keyword research is the practice of finding a variety of relevant keyword related to your market. It is one of the most important tasks for your business.
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